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The Best Insurance Dividend Stocks For 2017

The insurance industry has created many great fortunes. That's because it's slow changing and highly profitable. Investing in insurance stocks is how Shelby Davis made $900 million from $50,000 starting in his late 30s.

Going forward, the insurance industry should benefit from a key growth catalyst, which is rising interest rates. Higher interest rates widen the spread between what insurance companies earn on their invested capital, versus what they pay out in claims.

With that in mind, income investors looking for strong dividend stocks to buy in 2017 and beyond should take a closer look at the following six insurance companies.

The Best Opportunities From The Retail Sector

Physical retailers took it on the chin last year. The retail industry is being disrupted at a rapid pace, due to a shift in consumer buying preferences.

Shopping malls are losing a great deal of customer traffic to online retailers like Amazon and others. Internet retailers often have the same products for lower prices, all while offering consumers the convenience of shopping at home.

This has taken a steep toll on share prices of brick-and-mortar retailers, particularly those that rely on shopping malls.

Although it might seem like Amazon is unstoppable, there are still physical retailers that remain highly profitable. Many of them are aggressively investing in e-commerce to fight back against Amazon and internet retail more broadly.

This could set the stage for a retail rebound in 2017…or not?

With that in mind, the following 7 retail stocks are cheap, generate solid profits, and offer high dividend yields to boot.

Standard & Poor's Guide to Building Wealth with Dividend Stocks

Improve your investment returns with expert advice from the world's leading financial information organization Investors are rediscovering the profitable advantages of dividend-paying stocks, due to the "bird in the hand" nature of regular dividend payments, dramatically reduced historical volatility, and the current reduction in the federal dividend tax rate. 

"The Standard & Poor's Guide to Building Wealth with Dividend Stocks" tackles all the key issues for adding the stability and performance of dividend stocks to your portfolio, providing hands-on techniques for identifying the best dividend-paying stocks and companies, using dividend tax law changes to improve returns, and implementing innovative dividend stock strategies. Read more here:  Standard & Poor's Guide to Building Wealth with Dividend Stocks...

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8 A++ Rated Dividend Bargains To Discover

With thousands of investing possibilities, it can be hard to determine which one is the "right one." The bad news is that there's not sure fire way to figure that out.

Indeed, there will always be a more optimal route in hindsight. The good news is that you don't have to pick a single "right" security in order to do well. The investment world is overwhelmingly filled with positive long-term results.

This idea comes in handy especially when you're building a portfolio. Not only are you not limited to a single selection, but a group of securities can provide an aggregate and stabilizing benefit.

Attached you will find a fine selection of stocks with nice dividend payments, jucy yields and solid financials. Some of them are the top dividend growth stocks of the past half century but all have in common a A++ rating.

These are the results...